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Appeal {76561198247947882} | {s0mple (formerly BotterDogger)} Request for Ban Appeal
Username: BotterDogger (Imperfect gamers username) s0mple (steam username)
When you got banned: 03-11-2019
Why you got banned: Inappropriate language 
Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned: I was surfing and enjoying the music
Who banned you: .XED.
Are you in the wrong or in the right:

I believe i was in the right. My friend was using SLAM to spam audio, and using inappropriate language but i didnt take part any of what he was doing. I think the mods knew we were friends and banned me by association.

i believe the near 6 month ban ive served thus far to be sufficient as I believe i was banned because of a friend.
Unbanned for time served. Thanks.
Welcome back to the greatest server alive.

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