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Appeal {76561198988105208} | {n word} Request for Ban Appeal
Username: n word
When you got banned: 2/11/20
Why you got banned: for my name
Permanent Steam Profile URL:
What was the situation before you got banned: i was surfing and then I just got banned 
Who banned you: Box
Are you in the wrong or in the right: I guess I'm in the wrong. I just wish I would've been warned to change my name or else I'll be permanently banned because its a simple favor. Very recently I was banned for a about a day and I didn't know the reason for it, hoping it wasn't permanent. I had just bought prime again to play on this server like how I use to before I was vac banned.
I banned you for 1 day on February 9th for the reason 'inappropriate name'. If that's not clear enough to change your name, I would suggest a 1 month time out to give you some time to sort that out. A name like grvggy that you're using on the forums is perfectly suitable for the server.
Ban length reduced to 1 month.

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