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Username: hoodiesweats
When you got banned: 19-10-19 01:47 PDT
Why you got banned: F Bomb
Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned: Cannot remember, most likely someone talking trash to me that triggered me. <-- no excuse, just probably what happened
Who banned you: LewG
Are you in the wrong or in the right: Wrong, should have learned too keep that word out my mouth by now not to say what i said in the server, it's against the rules.

If punishment is deserved provide an alternative you would like that you yourself think is fair.
> It's been a while, just want to play some beats for the people and have a good time again. I apologize for slanging that word and I will continue to watch my mouth
Thanks for the time.
Im going too reduce the ban but upon re-connection too the server use the !rules feature so you know all the rules for our server.

Lew G.
The Lewy Vuitton Don.

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