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Appeal [APPEAL}76561199017815638 I wont Carry Request for Ban Appeal
Username: I Wont Carry
When you got banned: 1/30/2020
Why you got banned: "0"
Permanent Steam Profile URL: https:/

What was the situation before you got banned: A 10 year old was rapping about not being able to rap and how a kid at school calls him a faggot. I hopped on after him and repeated his bars in a way to support him and tell him he can do whatever he wants if he tries his best
Who banned you: Ron
Are you in the wrong or in the right: Slurs are not ok, and to use them to hurt others is NOT ok. But music is above prejudice and the meaning of lyrics transcends the labels of slurs. I used music to remove the power from the word that plagues this kids life in an attempt to make him feel empowered. But Ron is a bad admin and he has been since the day he put in his application, He is incapable of understanding lyrics in the context of the story and genuinely has a huge prejudice weighed against his own opinion. He should not have power and reading through the other ban appeals it seems like others agree. The other admins have consistently ruled against his opinion of a situation. If music is put through the comb of a 16 year old who lets his opinion and emotions get in the way of community, then I won't want to be apart of the musical circle. Even if you take this as an attack on ron and the server and decide to act negatively on my appeal, it won't matter because ron being active in the community means that the community cannot express their warrants without him having a say. His say is unwarranted and does not deserve consideration by the staff of this server. Go through the appeals and realize that the majority of his bans are considered unjust and his lack of personal consideration causes strife within your community. Take your feeling out of administration and don't target people who rap about things you cannot fathom because you are a child, especially words in the defense of an actual child.

If punishment is deserved provide an alternative you would like that you yourself think is fair.
> I'll take a week ban if ron is removed from the admin panel. I have yet to join the server and not hear complaints to ron for abusing his power, being a "dick" muting kids for 10,000h who are mic checking at the start of a map before the music comes on. Or just being rude to new rappers who are stretching their feet and trying to learn, genuinely keep me banned if ron continues to be an admin. I don't care to be active around a child with power beyond his comprehension,

Thanks and have a great day.
I will just be straight with you, Just like the last time some one said i abused my powers i never did and then "admin" that muted the mic spammer for 10000 hrs was drew and thats in logs you said the f- word and got banned yet decided to accuse me of abusing powers and say im a horrible mod i deal with people like you everyday you were 100% in the wrong and i never abused my powers i dont ever mute any one unless its 30 mins for interrupting. I appreciate you making an appeal but you are wrong in every aspect due to how you dont want to tell the facts about the situation you just want to bad mouth me, appeal denied.

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