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Appeal Request for Ban Appeal (bad cs surfer)
Username: bad cs surfer
When you got banned: 3/25/2020 or 3/25/2020
Why you got banned: f appeal
Permanent Steam Profile URL: 

What was the situation before you got banned: I was rapping
Who banned you: MuzzleFlash
Are you in the wrong or in the right: The wrong I did say the word and I do apologize for that. I did not intend to say that.

If punishment is deserved provide an alternative you would like that you yourself think is fair.

I just hope to be unbanned because yes I am in the wrong but I hope I get get back on the server and this time be more focused on wathcing my language when it comes to the f appeal.
(This post was last modified: 03-26-2020, 03:31 PM by badcssurfer.)
Hey CS,

I know it was a accident and for this reason ill lessen your ban as i could tell it was a genuine mistake.
Please be careful with how you speak whilst in the server and the language used, this way you can stay around in the community!

Lew G.
The Lewy Vuitton Don.

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