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Appeal Request for unban [RAPPER] noto
Username: noto
When you got banned: 17-01-20 18:04 PST
Why you got banned: "F bomb"
Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned: I was just freestyle rapping, there were people that were spamming there mic while i was talking, next thing i know i get banned.
Who banned you: supposedly Dre-w
Are you in the wrong or in the right: I did not drop any "F bomb" as i don't know what the correlates to. I know the server rules pretty well and have never used the "N word" with a hard "R".

If punishment is deserved provide an alternative you would like that you yourself think is fair.

If there is some proof that I did what I have been accused of, I feel that a permanent ban is not appropriate. I even got a Rapper tag from having to do a battle rap to earn it. I have been on this server for a few years and it would suck if i would not be able to participate again.
(This post was last modified: 01-21-2020, 07:16 AM by noto.)
Hi noto,

I don't quite remember if you let it slip or not, but regardless you've been a member of the community for years. I wouldn't just go around and ban someone randomly for dropping the f word, but considering I don't remember exactly what happened i'll reduce your ban to 4 days. Please don't let that sort of language slip as you have been previously banned for dropping the N word back in 2017. This will be your only warning, and anything after this regarding the f or n word will be a perma-ban without the chance to appeal.

Wouldn't want to see you go and appreciate your presence so i'll see you when your 4 days are up so you're back for the weekend.


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