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Appeal {STEAM_0:0:421414346} | {21 Cabbage} Request for Ban Appeal
Username: 21 Cabbage
When you got banned: at least 3 months ago
Why you got banned: saying the N word while rapping
Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned: I was rapping and then I said the N word which I understand is a violation but I miss playing on the server
Who banned you: I don't remember
Are you in the wrong or in the right: I was in the wrong but it wont happen again
Hi 21 , so im unable too find your steam name used when you were banned from our server.

Are you sure it was " 21 Cabbage " or is there another solution too finding your IGN. 

Let me know so we can sort out your appeal.

Lew G
The Lewy Vuitton Don.

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