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Appeal STEAM_0:1:198921657 Deception {Recruiting Team)
Deception {Recruiting Team)

When you got banned:
16-10-18 18:29 PDT

Why you got banned:
"Inappropriate Language"       This was due to a rap battle and I did say choice things. This was mainly due to the fact i was disrespected by someone else where they didn't need to push.

Permanent Steam Profile URL:

What was the situation before you got banned:
It was a rap battle if i remember correctly. A guy was being a jerk, and I said some crappy things in a verse. I called an admin on the situation, and when I was rapping i got banned.

Who banned you:
XED i think?

Are you in the wrong or in the right:
Honestly I was in the wrong for letting that person piss me off as bad as they did.

I really liked the community so i would really be greatful to be a part of it once more!  Sleepy

The other ban on my account for 3 days was also from XED and it was for "Anti Recoil". I have no clue what that means as i have never hacked in my life on this game. I have put too much time into this game to do so.

If you want to ask further questions, heres my discord: Deception#1158 
(This post was last modified: 03-22-2020, 07:07 AM by Deception.)
Reason you were perm'd was for talking shit to the Owner in the discord, nothing to do with this "battle" you were in.
Welcome back to the greatest server alive.
-X E D

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