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Official Community Rules & Guidelines
Rules & Guidelines
By connecting to our servers, you agree to follow the community rules & guidelines described herein. Additionally, you accept that failure to comply with our rules may result in any punishment deemed necessary by the Imperfect Gamers staff, without warning. Punishments may be issued for reasons outside of the described infractions. We reserve the right to modify, add or remove any rules as we see fit, without notification. If you wish to request an appeal, you may do so here.

Standard Infractions - General server disruption; these infractions will result in a minimum 30 minute mute
  • Spamming
    Spamming pertains to the excessive use of voice or text chat. Examples of text spam would be repeated use of chat binds, or constantly typing nonsense. Examples of voice chat include making repeated noises, playing sound clips, holding your mic button down for no reason or using voice activation. 'Ear rape' also falls into this category.

  • Interruption
    In the same vein as voice spam, do not interrupt another member while they are rapping. Examples of interruption include asking to get on the mic because you want to rap, laughing at their lyrics, and adlibs.

  • Toxic Behavior
    Attacking, threatening or disrespecting other members or staff fall under this category. The exception to this rule is in the context of a rap battle. Punishments will range from a 30 minute mute to a permanent ban. The length is at the discretion of the Imperfect Gamers staff.

Severe Infractions - Severe server disruption; these infractions will result in an extended mute or ban.
  • Ban Words
    Saying, typing or baiting the hard R (N word) or the F word (rhymes with maggot) will result in a permanent ban, regardless of context.

  • Discrimination
    Imperfect Gamers strives to provide players with a safe and inclusive environment. Attacking or targeting any individual or peoples for their ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or gender is strictly forbidden and will result in removal from the community.

  • Doxxing
    Attempting to discover or provide the personal information of another member of the community will result in a permanent ban.

  • Advertisement & Promotion
    Imperfect Gamers is not your billboard. Don't drop your Soundcloud, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, or any other socials here. If you want to share your socials with someone, add them and DM them. You are also allowed to have your socials in your Steam profile. Joining with a link in your player name will result in a kick on the first offense, and a ban on the second. The only exceptions to this are CS:GO item websites.

  • Ban Evasion
    If a ban is currently active on any of your accounts, connecting to IG servers on an alternate account will result in that account also being banned, an extension applied to your existing ban, and an IP ban for the duration. The use of VPNs or proxies is not allowed and will result in a ban.

Rap Server Guidelines
  • Rapping and DJing
    Everyone is welcome to rap or play beats, and having a rapper or DJ tag is not required. If a beat is playing and no one is rapping, feel free to hop on. Similarly, if no beat is playing, feel free to throw one on.

  • Hogging the Mic
    Sometimes it is easy to get carried away while rapping; just remember to pass the mic once in a while. Typically, if there's other people that want to rap, try to keep your bars limited to 30 seconds.

  • Beats & Songs
    You are welcome to play your own beats, or beats you found online. While meme beats and actual songs aren't strictly against the rules, you should avoid playing them without expressed permission from a staff member currently on the server. Similarly, you are permitted to play full songs so long as everyone is okay with it. If people want you to turn it off, you should turn it off.

  • Writtens
    If you want to spit a written, you must ensure that the server is fine with it beforehand. Do not spit writtens without disclosing it first.
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