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Reply here for non-prime access to the server!
What's good family,

Want to join the server under your non-prime account?
No problem!
Comment on this thread with your steamcommunity link, like mine below.

Please give small minimal detail of your experience of the server, or how you heard from it.

Nothing else to it, you should get a reply here on the thread once you have perms 


       "steamid" "76561198193735733" //profiles/76561198193735733
       "steamid" "76561198888025385" //profiles/76561198888025385
  "joyful clover"
       "steamid" "76561198307395759" //profiles/76561198307395759
       "steamid" "76561198404827943" //profiles/76561198404827943    }
       "steamid" "76561198854904752" //profiles/76561198854904752
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Pot -

I played on this server on a friends account for a bit a while ago, and its the best I've found. can I get whitelisted? TisBlUwU
#6 plz

I heard it from A youtube video and like to listen to people freestyle
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Everyone here has been added to the whitelist and are free to access the IG at any time.

The whitelist has been closed.
Thanks for your support.
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