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Staff Application
Hey Yal!

Its Ya Boi here, applying for MOD. I want to be apart of the staff because I want to have more of an impact on the community as a whole. I've been on IG for a bit over a year now and surfing for at least the past 5, Its managed to make a huge impact on my life, my social skills, and personality. Surfing is an extremely unique thing, in my opinion its one of the greatest hidden community's ever and IG very well lays at the top of the list when it comes to surf servers. Throughout my stages of being on IG I've met tons of new faces and even managed to meet a few in person (me and Sano live in the same town and we never knew eachother til we met on IG c; ). I have also absorbed, observed, and expressed real emotions which I'm very thankful for since those social encounters are something I value very much. I've also seen dark times on this server, when Goatsquad was still running and I was one of the head admins and that crash course took place sadly, I very much have disconnected from Goatsquad after seeing how power in the wrong hands can be so currupting, you know I really thought the idea of having clans within IG would make us all much more connected and even add a competitive aspect to the raps, but some of the kids in Goatsquad were not mature enough or ready to be that first group to successfully and respectively come in to IG like elite fleet. Although I am very thankful for my time at Goatsquad it gave me a lot of experience and perspective towards how people can poorly run a clan and/or community and how its able to be fixed but leadership must be fully established. I am very consistent on IG, Im on atleast everyday 3 seperate times lol, I see the different faces, the different trolls, the little gimpics here and there, the interactions; I pay close attention and am very active on the server I've been able to call home for the past year.  I want to be closer to the community by having a bit more control over some of the late night crowds and be able to continue to express and observe the social interactions from a bit more of an authority stand point. I want to be highly respected on the server for being there for everyone, and continue to help myself and this community grow simultaneously. I also live in Seattle Washington which I dont mind sharing, I go to school for audio engineering and production with a minor in music business, I love love love music, it is my thesis which makes all of this the better, I get to continue to meet other cool people who if our in this community in the first place we have something in common, music! I am also an RA in my dorm building so I am very good with social interactions, being the face of the house, not abusing authority, and being respected by everyone because I can get on there level and understand them, I am very considerate from being observative. Overall I think my impact on IG would be noticeable, positive, and helpful, I have love for a ton of people on this server and I just want to continuously get closer and spread love with everyone.
Thanks Boi!
The Lewy Vuitton Don.

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