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{MOD APP} The VickeySqueeze - VickeySqueeze - 12-03-2019

Hello, I'm sure you have heard of me, as i am a DJ, Producer and Normie on the server! i am applying for Mod because i really enjoy the server and enjoy everyone apart of the server and IG staff. I try to keep peace when I'm on and that is off and on multiple times a day if not all day! but it sucks when no MOD OR ADMIN is on when i am and there is toxic people not following rules when there's practically nothing i can do about it! There has been multiple times i have been on and someone or multiple people were disobeying the rules and all i could do was mute them and Let and admin know! and by that time they have left which makes it harder to do something about it! but of course i always let XED or an Admin know and they try their absolute best to solve the issue! All i want is the best for this server as it is the only one i play on and enjoy! I've most my hours (500+ on Main Before i got VAC banned on CS, 500+ on my secondary acc) mainly on the server! I have been playing on the server about 2 years now and a DJ about a Year and a half, I tend to stay and help better the server and community! Thanks For reading and i hope all is well! Vickey OUT!  Big Grin Cool Sleepy

RE: {MOD APP} The VickeySqueeze - X.E.D - 12-07-2019

Thank you!