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MOD APP - YBS | Mercury - 12-08-2019

i would love to help out this server i know i have done some things in the past that may question if im really here or not but i keep coming back this server is in my blood now i have made many friends and i love being there even when i get pissed off or we have someone come in and ruin the fun the love for the server never leavesĀ 

i feel like i have to tell this story just to prove how much i wanna help and how much the server means to me
when i first found the server i was 12 a kid just wilding on the internet trying to meet some people to mess with after that first day i kept coming back i was in a dark place it helpped me get out of there and persue a passion in rap it ment alot to me

now that im older i want to be apart of the staff team helping out muting and being there for the community i feel i would be a valient help to the team i cant imagine a life without the server its a huge part of my day and i just wanna help out

thanks for your time

RE: MOD APP - X.E.D - 12-08-2019

Thank you!

RE: MOD APP - Lew G - 12-08-2019

Thanks merc Smile

RE: MOD APP - Jumpman - 03-01-2020

Not does it matter but how old are you now!?

It's crazy to see you grew up with IG and start creating music, I've been keeping up and I love it Tongue
Give us some time to think about your application, in the meantime if you'd like to share some more about you for staff that don't know you can get familiar that would be most helpful..

We want to know what IG can do for YOU!


RE: MOD APP - Jumpman - 05-25-2020

You have been added to the staff nominations list for our next round.

I know I already applied to your other staff application.