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Moderator Application - koeze - 12-24-2019

I want to become a moderator. Running a community as large as this one is not easy and i think its hard for people to understand that. Its impossible to please everyone and this leads to members being unhappy with choices made by staff. I hope to be a bridge between these people and you, the people running the server. A community is only as strong as the people running it and i hope to strengthen this place by adding my skills to the rest of the staff. I am very active in this community and want nothing but to keep this place the same way it was when i joined, warm and welcoming. I have become familiar to most and a friend to many and only hope to keep the server a place people can come to. A lot of people (including me) need this place for more than a spot to rap and i want to keep this place as friendly and entertaining as its always been. This community means the world to me and i hope to adopt a bigger role in it than i already have. Thank you for looking over this application =]

RE: Moderator Application - Lew G - 01-15-2020

Thanks Koeze!

RE: Moderator Application - Jumpman - 03-01-2020

First I want to start with saying I love the song you made on soundcloud- it's hard!

We need creators like you on our team and would I believe IG is a great fit for you and vice versa. In regards to looking for staff we carefully look at people that are not only a good for fit for us but a good fit for you and judging by your history with the server it seems we make a great pair Smile

We are carefully looking at your appeal will make a decisions shortly.


RE: Moderator Application - Jumpman - 05-25-2020

You have been added to the staff nominations list for our next round.