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Staff Application! - DeadlyAWPer - 03-09-2020

Hey! I've been playing IG for about a year now and for most of my time here I have enjoyed my time as a DJ. As a DJ I have been able to see all sorts of things ranging from insane rappers down to noobies that are just learning. Its been a really cool experience listening to all the talent but sadly I've also ran into trolls, micspammers, and toxic people. These people take away from that experience and shut down people trying to show their talent without being judged. These people that get shut down early usually dont come back to the server and thats what I want to prevent as mod. I am active daily and as mod I will stop trolls early. I still plan to play beats and talk to other people but I also want the server to be better. Outside of CS im active socially in school and out of school. I like to talk to people unless their trolls in game or out of game. Im only 16 so im still in highschool so I wont be on during school hours but thats the only downside. Hope to talk out more details soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. [Image: thumbsup.png]

RE: Staff Application! - Dre-w - 03-09-2020

Thanks for the application DeadlyAWPer Smile

RE: Staff Application! - Drippzz - 03-23-2020

Good person see on many many times <3

RE: Staff Application! - Jumpman - 05-25-2020

You have been added to the staff nominations list for our next round.