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Drippzz Mod App - Drippzz - 03-23-2020

Hey im Drippzz Been playing on Imperfect Gamer for over 2 years now. 

The reason I believe you should pick me to become mod is because I heard you guys are gonna be expanding servers (jailbreak, Retake) and other stuff like that. Hear that makes me wanna become a mod/admin. I know how to Code c+ and work source bans. I am a good peoples person. 

I used to moderate several servers Also Manage a few with it. I want to better Imperfect Gamers the best i can with all i can Smile

RE: Drippzz Mod App - Lew G - 03-24-2020

Thanks Drippzz!

RE: Drippzz Mod App - Jumpman - 05-25-2020

You have been added to the staff nominations list for our next round.