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Mod Application - the720phantom - 03-30-2020

I'm interested in becoming a mod because I come on the server a lot and I always love to hear people spit to see what they come up with and new people come on to spit, laugh and vibe to become part of the family. There is times iv'e been on and there is people blasting music through the mic on the phone and people trolling when someone is trying to play a beat or rap and it ruins the vibes and makes people not wanna be on as much during certain hours when staff isn't there to do anything. I'm online everyday, day and night and it would be nice to be a part of the staff because I have past experience with gaming communities and some that have turned into small businesses through advertising, social media upkeep and consistency. I feel that I could bring new people into the server so we can expand and grow with new people and also keep the community peaceful and kept in line. I'm thankful to have a place like the imperfectgamers server where I can relate to people without being judged and get better at my craft with support of others as i do the same for them. I hope to be considered for staff and thank you for the opportunity!

RE: Mod Application - Lew G - 03-30-2020

Thanks Phantom!

RE: Mod Application - Jumpman - 05-25-2020

You have been added to the staff nominations list for our next round.