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Isaac's Staff Application - ISaac - 09-05-2019

Hey guys, most of you already know who I am and for those of you who do not my name is Isaac and I am a VIP/singer/rapper/beat-boxer on the server. I was formerly a member of your administration team a long time ago until I had to step away for a certain amount of time due to family issues, it is as of recent that I have decided to make an attempt to become a part of this community again because I have honestly missed being around the members of IG. I have been active on the server for a few weeks now and am hoping for the chance to be readministered onto the team, I want to be apart of this amazing group of people again as I enjoy helping out in anyway I can on the server. I love to interact with everyone on the server and listen to the amazing talent that comes through this community, I also envy the inspiration that this community gives to newer members to better their musical talents and keep striving to be the best they can be. I will say that I want to be a part of this awesome group of people again for the lone fact that everyone on this team is passionate about this server and cares about it's members. I don't want to sound repetitive and whatnot but I miss the Imperfect Gamers team, I just hope I can be apart of it once more. If you ask why I should be accepted, these are my reasons. First of all, I am a patient and understanding person, therefore many situations where the answer is not clear I will take many steps in order to achieve an outcome where both parties involved in the matter will be as close to appeased as possible. Secondly, I’ve been a (moderator/administrator) on countless different servers and games, therefore I can offer this community many years of experience that will allow me to make proper decisions regarding the many situations that will come up as a member of your administrative team. Although I have many years of experience I am always ready to take steps back and learn far more efficient methods in regards to acting as an administrative member of your community. Another reason that I should be selected as a member of your administrative team is that I am almost always available throughout the day and night, therefore I will be able to handle many situations that come about when other members of the communities staff team are not available. Finally, I believe that I should be selected to your administrative team due to the fact that I simply just want to be a part of it. I believe that many people apply to become an administrator so that they can acquire the abilities of an administrator, I want to become a part of your communities administrative team so that I can be of service to the members of this amazing community. I should be a part of your team, and I hope you take me into consideration. Thank you for your time!

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RE: Isaac's Staff Application - X.E.D - 09-07-2019

Thank you.